photo: Pino Covino

> Voice & Harp

Harp is the perfect instrument to accompany the singing voice, and there is no better match than a harpist accompanying herself.

> Guitarp Duo (Harp & Guitar plus voice)

The noble and the popular souls of these instruments meet in virtuosistic transcriptions. The singing voice enriches this Duo with folk songs from Brazil, Italy and Spain.

> Flute & Harp

The two ladies play together since their High School diplomas. As Radio speaker Eva presents their recitals with vivid charme.

> Trio Carillon (Harp, Mandolin, Guitar plus voice)

A fully “pizzicato” Trio wit double face: on barock instruments they perfor Italian music and on modern instruments they present contemporary compositions.

> Camerata Variabile Basel (Chamber Music with harp)

From Trio to Septet, this group digges in search of unusual music jewels and combines them in labyrinthic concerts.

Ravel, Caplet, Honegger, Wyttenbach, Stravinsky
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> Ensemble Phoenix Basel
Most classical musicians play music composed in the past. Through commissions to young composers and a permanent search for new compositions, Ensemble Phoenix’ concerts are a constant auditive surprise.
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